‘Now I can go anywhere.’

At age 15, Harry was diagnosed with choroideremia – a degenerative eye disease. Today Harry has lost a great deal of his vision but he’s no longer afraid because he has Seeing Eye Dog Bateman by his side.

Harry says, ‘I grew up in fear of losing my sight. I had no idea there was so much potential, so much possibility. I had no idea of the amazing life that was possible with a Seeing Eye Dog.

‘Now I can go anywhere, knowing that Bateman will get me to where I need to go,’ says Harry.

‘I used to talk about taming the dragon that’s coming up behind me. I just don’t have that fear anymore, because I know that I can do everything I want to and go anywhere with Bateman,’ says Harry.

Like many other Seeing Eye Dogs pups, Bateman was trained from a young age to help people who are blind or have low vision, giving them the confidence and freedom to live independently.

And thanks to the kindness of people like you, we can train more Seeing Eye Dogs and transform more lives.
Many others like Harry are waiting to meet their Bateman. By donating today, you can help more people who are blind or have low vision begin a life-changing partnership with a Seeing Eye Dog.

Harry says, ‘Before Bateman, I was relying a lot on family and friends. When things got a bit tricky, when I was out with my cane, there was always an elbow I could grab. Once I retired and I was out on my own, I came to realise how difficult things got.

‘But now I can go anywhere, knowing that Bateman will get me to the counter or where I need to go.'

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