Apply for a Seeing Eye Dog

Australian citizens who are legally blind can apply for a Seeing Eye Dog through the Seeing Eye Dog website, by referral, or by contacting Seeing Eye Dogs or Vision Australia directly.

Applicants outside the legal blindness criteria may be considered on an individual basis.

Following the submission of an application form, medical form filled out by a registered medical practitioner, and a current eye report, our qualified instructors will assess each applicant as to their suitability for training with a Seeing Eye Dog.

This assessment will consider and record factors such as:-

  • Current mobility
  • Health status and exercise tolerance
  • Ability to house and care for a dog independently
  • Be able to demonstrate need and adequate work for a dog
  • Motivation.

After the assessment, each application is considered carefully before acceptance on to the waiting list.

Waiting periods for a dog do vary, mostly due to the availability of a suitable match for each individual client. Finding the right Seeing Eye Dog can take time.

It is also important that applicants be aware that the current cost of maintaining a Seeing Eye Dog can be around $35 per week.

Interested persons can contact Seeing Eye Dogs for an informal interview before deciding to proceed with the application process.

Priority is given to clients applying for a replacement dog guide.

To enquire about applying please contact us by calling 1800 037 773 or email [email protected].