Seeing Eye Dog etiquette

When you meet a Seeing Eye Dog, it is important to remember that these dogs are working and should not be distracted.


  • Distract, feed or touch a working Seeing Eye Dog (in harness) without the handler’s permission.
  • Avoid offering assistance (if required) to a dog guide handler.
  • Discriminate against a person because they are using a dog guide.


  • Speak directly to the person, not the dog, when offering assistance
  • Keep pathways clear of obstacles and overhanging bushes trimmed to fence line
  • Leave doors fully open or fully closed
  • Position yourself slightly behind the right shoulder of a dog handler when walking with them
  • Walk about 1 metre ahead if the handler is instructing their dog to “follow” and continue talking to the person.
  • Alert the person to any unusual behaviour or physical appearance of their dog.
Golden Labrador Seeing Eye Dog in harness sits underneath chair