Breeding program

The Seeing Eye Dogs breeding program is pivotal to producing high quality, healthy and intelligent working dogs which will go on to support our clients to live the lives they choose.

The breeding program is guided by the International Guide Dog Federation standards as well as veterinary and welfare best practice principles.

All dogs in the Seeing Eye Dogs program undergo a number of temperament and health assessments throughout their puppy development, and dogs are only considered for the breeding program if they pass all required aspects of these assessments. All animals considered for inclusion in the breeding program have had hip, elbow, cardiac and ophthalmologic screens performed by the Seeing Eye Dogs veterinarians and industry leading specialist veterinarians.

Breeding stock also have DNA tests performed to rule out those hereditary conditions which can be detected by genetic screening.

All aspects of the breeding process are overseen by the Seeing Eye Dogs veterinary team, and the wellbeing of all breeding animals is supported by a team of kennel attendants, puppy attendants and puppy trainers.

Whelps (births) occur on-site in the Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Centre, which is a purpose built quarantine facility where bitches are supervised 24 hours around their due date and pups are closely monitored throughout the first days and weeks of their lives. All bitches and pups receive a high level of enrichment and socialisation during their time in the Puppy Centre.