45 Seeing Eye Dogs pups need homes by Christmas

13 October 2022

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs is on the urgent hunt for homes for 45 puppies before Christmas.  

Young pups need homes until they are 12 months old, at which time they enter formal Seeing Eye Dogs training. Seeing Eye Dogs carefully plans its litters of puppies each year, but 2022 has been a record breeding year. These future Seeing Eye Dogs support people who are blind or have low vision to live safe, active and independent lives. 

"On average, each litter can have up to seven pups. This year, Mother Nature has gifted us with several larger than average litters in quick succession some totalling up to 10 puppies,” Jane Bradley, Seeing Eye Dogs manager of puppy development, said. 

"Yellow Seeing Eye Dog Zsa Zsa sitting nicely at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne."
Could you help a pup like Zsa Zsa become a Seeing Eye Dog?

“We’ve also noticed that as COVID restrictions have eased, many of our existing volunteer carers are taking the opportunity to travel and visit family they haven’t seen for a few years and, as much as they would love to, aren’t in a position to take on a puppy right now,” Jane said.  

Our volunteers play an integral role in the puppy's development and help socialise a pup in everyday situations. Things like going for a coffee or walking to the shops all prepare the pup for its future role including basic skills and cues like sitting, toileting and how to walk nicely while on a lead. 

Puppy carers are supported throughout the journey by the Seeing Eye Dogs puppy development team and food, equipment and veterinary costs are also covered by Seeing Eye Dogs.  

Seeing Eye Dogs offers a number of flexible puppy caring options, including 6 and 12 month caring programs. Seeing Eye Dogs are currently looking for volunteers across Melbourne, and a number of areas of regional Victoria, including Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat, and in Queensland, in the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane areas. 

For more information and to apply now visit: https://sed.visionaustralia.org/puppy-caring/apply-now