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We are committed to all our dogs having a sense of choice and control in their lives, and opportunities to take part in interesting and enjoyable activities.


All dogs receive regular and consistent positive reinforcement to support their success.

  • Positive reward-based training is used with all our dogs based on the individual dog’s preferences.
  • Rewards are given when the dog chooses to complete a behaviour we would like to encourage.
  • When given the choice, our dogs will choose to repeat these rewarded behaviours.
  • Rewards provided are based on individual preferences and needs, and may include verbal praise, food, physical contact (pats), and play.
  • The environment is set up to make it easier for our dogs to achieve the desired behaviours to become a working Seeing Eye Dog.

Yellow Seeing Eye Dogs pup in training, Tanner, sitting in the garden


All dogs are provided with opportunities to choose how they engage in enjoyable activities and rewarding behaviours.

This includes a variety of daily activities provided to meet each dog’s individual needs such as:

  • social activities; interacting with people and other dogs and engaging in play,
  • natural dog behaviour; chewing on safe dog chews, and using food dispensing toys/puzzles to encourage problem-solving,
  • regular age and health-appropriate physical activities such as walking and safe off-lead play with humans or other dogs,
  • age-appropriate training activities to provide mental stimulation, and
  • access to a variety of environments which allow them the choice of how to engage with their space, including moving towards or away from interactions with people and other animals.

Co-operative care

All dogs are provided with choice and comfort in their everyday care.

  • Seeing Eye Dogs is committed to implementing cooperative care with all our dogs.
  • Cooperative care provides opportunities for dogs to choose to actively participate in their everyday care.
  • Cooperative is a two-way communication between the dog and the person.
  • Our dogs are rewarded with verbal praise, pats, and food so they feel confident and comfortable in everyday activities such as bathing, grooming, and administering medication.

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