22 November 2023
The hard work and dedication of a group of very special canine companions has been recognised at New South Wales Parliament House.
14 November 2023
Patricia, a carer with Seeing Eye Dogs, shared a letter with us about her experience as a puppy carer for Barkindji
11 October 2023
After being matched together in February 2023, Michelle and Seeing Eye Dog Mirla have become “inseparable” over the past eight months.
11 October 2023
Spring has sprung and Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs is on the hunt for puppy carers to take in the newest arrivals of Seeing Eye Dogs puppies.
11 October 2023
A delegation of Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs puppies and handlers will descend on Queensland Parliament on Thursday, October 12 to celebrate the vital role Seeing Eye Dogs play in the lives of Queenslanders who are blind or have low vision.
13 September 2023
Vision Australia took centre stage with Seeing Eye Dog puppies in training at Australian Parliament House on Tuesday September 12, meeting with decision makers in hopes of putting an end to dog guide discrimination, amongst other key issues.
07 September 2023
Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs has held its annual graduation ceremony to celebrate handlers and Seeing Eye Dog working teams who have successfully completed their life-changing training.
11 August 2023
We want to bust the myths surrounding the rare Chocolate Labrador.
11 July 2023
Seeing Eye Dogs Lucky Puppy Lottery winner John entered following his own diagnosis of glaucoma, as he wanted to give back to an organisation he knew was supporting people who are blind or have low vision.